Ululau Ama

Life Cycles

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Woodcut 2/6 Ink on Paper




420 x 595 mm

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Ululau Ama


This woodcut print series is one of Ululau’s first woodcuts. He is very proud of his work in a very quiet manner.


A game between Mother and Ululau to see who prints the most, who does well with no errors and does the best prints had motivated Ululau to concentrate and worked with confidence to do some good days at work using the techniques given by his teacher.


The teacher’s, student and supporters have shared positive feedback on his prints which encouraged Ululau to do his best. He feels comfortable in class and speaks in Samoan to most teachers. He communicates about Samoa through drawings. He always looks forward for every art class at Māpura Studios


He is Samoan and brings his Samoan stories to New Zealand in the form of Art.

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