Nunu Ama

The Fruitful Bowl


Woodcut Ink on Paper 1/4


595 x 840 mm

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My mind full of 101 things my son, my first priority

I had no idea what next to do.

I sat watching the students

Listening to their conversations laughing at their stories at times And watched my son for any additional new ideas seen in his artwork.

I slowly felt relaxed and ideas slowly flowed, filling the spaces.

I have created a picture.


SwirlThe Fruitful Bowl with Pacific patterns and Seafood, reminds me, that we come to Māpura Arts Studio Community.

We have respect for each other. There is love amongst us, we are a family supporting each other in different ways.


The thought of going to Māpura Studios sometimes makes me feel tired, but for my son I go.

Once in Mapura my son and I are in action including the rest of the class.

There’s time to hear each others stories.

There’s time to view each others art piece and share one’s opinion on it.

There’s time for laughs and a cup of tea.

But most times, there’s not enough time. The time clicks too fast for us to go home.

We all leave Māpura always very happy

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