Guy Seanyear

The Country Dairy


Acrylic on Stretched Canvas


760 x 550 mm


NB: Framing Unavailable

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Guy Seanyear

Guy came to New Zealand from Thailand in 1991 and studied English as a second language at AUT. It was here in New Zealand that Guy began painting. He has been connected to the Thai community here in Aotearoa, and has donated many works of art to aid Buddhist communities back in Thailand.


Guy’s attention has been drawn to the resilience of his family during his experiences and painting has served as a new language, allowing him to pay tribute to darkness as a source of inspiration; one that allows him to see the light more clearly.


Guy’s paintings are realistic cityscapes and landscapes.  The landscapes are often scenes from Thailand, and also New Zealand scenes.   He is a prolific artist, painting at home as well as in the studio.


Guy attends Leading a Creative Life class at Māpura Studios on Thursday morning.   This programme provides a supportive, instructive and stimulating environment for people living with stroke-affect (or similar disability), to develop a strong visual arts practice.  Tutors provide ongoing input regarding methodologies, techniques, media and guidance re subject matter so artists are supported in the ongoing progression of their art making capabilities and knowledge base.


Painting with other artists at Mapura has helped connect with the experiences and insights of others who also experience brain injury and illness from stroke. This has been an empowering journey for him as an artist. Guy finds joy in the connection between art and nature, and hopes to draw attention to the lessons in self-care and the importance of protecting and nurturing the world together. Guy’s paintings capture these moments of future thinking and deep connections to the outside world and a good future.