Falefatu Enari

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Acrylic, Pastel on Paper


420 x 595 mm

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Falefatu Enari


My name is Falefatu Enari.

I like some drawings.

I like to listen to music and tapes and songs.

I am a Samoan New Zealand boy.

I was born in August 1984.

I like disco songs.

I have been making art for 20 years.

I writing and draw poems – make lovely pictures.

I like drawing disco songs, disco dance movements and shopping centres.

I like doing animation – and pictures of things.

The things that inspire me are Kevin Wilson (Australian comedian), and Outback in Australia – it (art) comes from my imagination

Being an artist makes me feel good – I paint the ideas in my head – I’m good!

Coming to Māpura I enjoy myself – I enjoy the people – I enjoy making art.

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