Matthew Tucker

I am a conscientious person who likes maths, and also attends art classes twice a week.  I am a tidy person that is due to my personality.

I started doing art from secondary school.  Twenty years after I had left school, I was introduced to Māpura Studios where I wanted to pursue my love in art.  I like using the stippling method.  I like the outcome of this type of art.

I always try to express myself through art.  I strive to achieve to make money when I sell art to the public.

I am inspired by anything that comes to mind.  I have learnt and always use many different techniques when I am doing art using many different media. That is why I have many different styles in my art.

I always dreamed to do art.  Art is one of my passions.  I was first introduced to art when I started secondary school, when I was 15 years old in 1981.

I always wanted to pursue and further my art with the use of other artistic techniques.

Apart from art making, I want to exhibit completed art pieces that I hope the public would buy, so that I can get money, where half the proceeds go to Māpura Studios, and the other half of the proceeds go to my bank account.

Here are some of Matthew’s works: