Madeleine Wilson

Madeleine Wilson does a range of work, but has a particular passion for creating New Zealand’s landscapes on canvas.  She likes the mountainous shapes of New Zealand that allow her to create depth and perspective; bringing the images to life. Inspired by Vincent Van Gough, the palette Madeleine uses helps draws the viewer into her art work; making the viewer question what they see, but at the same time instantly connect with the image.  Madeleine’s work is very strong and striking.

Her work also includes portraiture – work that also draws the viewer in. In 2012 she did a series of portraits based on her favourite singing group, ABBA.

Madeleine had a piece of art exhibited in the Kaleidoscope exhibition at the Bruce Mason Centre and had a work highly commended (“Floral Window”) in Wellington, in an art competition.  She got to stay at a hotel near Te Papa and enjoyed the recognition as an artist. Madeleine has also been a finalist in the IHC Awards twice.

Here are some of Madeleine’s works: