Ululau Ama


Ululau Ama is a young Samoan/Tuvaluan artist working at Māpura Studios.

Ululau’s artwork explains his Pacific Identity, telling his Pacific stories through paintings, prints and drawings.

Many of his works are based on Samoan mythology. 

He is very proud of his work in a very quiet manner.

Ululau’s first woodcuts were about Samoan Myths. 

At first, Ululau and his Mother played a game to see who printed the most, who did well, with no mistakes and created the best prints.

This motivated Ululau to concentrate, do good work and work with confidence, using the techniques he has been taught by his tutors.

Positive feedback has encouraged Ululau to do his best.

He feels comfortable in class and speaks in Samoan to most teachers.

He communicates about Samoa through drawings and always looks forward for every art class at Māpura Studios.